Inna Lillah wa Inna Ilayihee Rajioon
Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development would like to offer its condolences for the death of Mr. Arif Anees who passed away as a result of COVID 19.
There is no power but from Almighty Allah.

Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development continues distributing Adha meat bags to poor and orphans' families. This is to contribute in helping the poor, needy and orphans' families amid COVID19 conditions which has afflicted the whole world.
Hajj Qassim Muhyee, Deputy of the Secretary General, pointed out "On the first day of Eidul Adha the foundation started distributing Adha meat bags to the orphans' families whose number reached 290 orphans, in addition to the poor families in Basra province."
The health and medical instructions were taken into account in the process of distribution which was as per the lists prepared in the department of orphans.
Muhyee added "the Foundation performs such activities annually adhering to the instructions of His Excellency Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy (may Allah support him), Secretary General of the Foundation, where Adha meat bags were distributed this year."
Lastly, the families expressed their thanks and gratitude for the efforts exerted by the foundation in aiding them during the past period.

Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation/ Baghdad Office has distributed 205 food baskets to orphans' families in Al-Mahmoodyia County on the auspicious occasion of Eidul Ghadeer.
Head of the office, Mr. Muhammad Al-Kilabi, said "We have distributed food baskets to 205 orphans' families on the occasion of Eidul Ghadeer, where the distribution process was done inside the headquarter and in filed visits to orphans' houses."
The families extended their thanks and gratitude to the foundation for the helping hand presented by the foundation.