Al-Najafy Sons' Association initiates its fielding inspection for the needy Families in Al-Basra Governorate to stand on their needs as well as support them.
The head of the Association pointed out that these filed inspections result with standing on the needs of some families in the province and provide help to them.
In addition, as the first phase of help, the Association distributed electric heaters to 50 families of orphans as well as the needy ones. The initiation took place to help these families to face the cold weather. He added, there are other upcoming phases of help within which food distribution will take place.


Deputy Secretary-General of Al-Najafiyia Foundation indicates that the work continues to support the families of orphans and needy people who face this crucial condition in Iraq.
Al-Anwar Al-Najafiyia Foundation in cooperation with Al-Khafeel Centre in Al-Najaf distributes electric heaters to the families of orphans who are registered at the department of Ayatmuna Charity.
Deputy Secretary-General, Haj Qasim Muhi, explains to the department of media of the Foundation that the distribution takes place in cooperation with Al-Khafeel Centre in Al-Najaf and covers 50 families and the distribution will continue to cover the rest of the families.
Mohi added that the Foundation sponsors a set of humanitarian and development programs that would secure some of the requirements of poor and needy families, especially the families of orphans, throughout the year and in the various governorates of Iraq. Mohi emphasized that there are dozens of humanitarian programs implemented by the Foundation through its branches and divisions, and there are great efforts being made to secure some of the requirements of poor families facing difficult circumstances as a result of the crises that Iraq is going through and the high poverty rate.

Mohi, the program continues and we have completed dozens of homes during the past years.
Al-Najafy Sons' Association, the program includes the homes of the families who are living below the poverty line in many regions of Iraq.
The Deputy Secretary-General of Al-Najafiyia Foundation, Haj Qasim Mohi, announces the competition of work on renovating two new homes for two families in Basra Governorate where the Association of Al-Najafy Sons contributes at half the cost of the renovation.
Mohi, Added that the Foundation has adopted this program for more than two years and taken upon its shoulder renovating the homes of the families of the orphans as well as the needy ones in different provinces of Iraq.
Mohi indicates that the cadres of the Foundation represented by Al-Najafy Sons' Association have been able to renovate dozens of homes for the families of orphans and needy families by the direct supervision of the Central Office of Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Basheer Hussein Al-Najafy (may Allah prolong his life ) and the directions of the Secretary-General His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy.
He added that the program continues and there are houses on the work schedule, some of which are under work and others will be implemented as soon as possible.
On the other hand, the families expressed their thanks and gratitude for this humanitarian initiative which reflects the sense of responsibility among the people of this beloved country, especially in crucial conditions.