After it opened its annual program in Al-Najaf, Al-Anwar Najafia Foundation for Culture and Development continued to distribute food baskets in the Iraqi governorates as part of its annual humanitarian program, as it distributed (250) Ramadan food baskets in the capital, Baghdad.
The representative of the Foundation in Baghdad, Mr. Mahdi Al-Atwani: Indicated that the Foundation in Baghdad distributed its Ramadan food baskets to the families of orphans and needy families as a first phase.
Al-Atwani explained that the number of beneficiaries reached (250) beneficiaries of food baskets as a first phase and the distribution took place in the branch of the Foundation in Baghdad.
He added that the basket contains the following: (rice, sugar, oil, milk, tea, lentils, tomato paste, and legumes) and other foodstuffs that are used during the blessed month of Ramadan.
On the other hand, the families expressed their gratitude and thanks for this blessed initiative to support the Iraqi families during such critical economic days.