The idea of establishing the Medical Loan Department emerged as a result of the large number of requests received by the Anwar Al-Najafyia from people who need to undergo surgery or buy a treatment that is difficult to provide for some patients due to its high costs, such as cancer treatments and others. They themselves or their families from delaying the initiation of treatment, which causes a deterioration of the health status of patients. Or some may be forced to borrow sums of money at the high interest that burden the patient in the future.
Therefore, the Department was initiated to cover the patient’s total need or to a rate through which he can secure the cost of treatment, and the same amount is returned without interest and in the form of installments for a year.

Our Aim is ........ 

Providing a financial loan to patients who need surgery or need support to buy medicine!

Procedures : 

1. After reviewing the patient’s reports and after making sure of his financial condition, the amount of the operation will be disbursed either to the patient directly or to the hospital.

2. To ensure the repayment of the loan, the presence of a guarantor identified by the Foundation is required, if not,  a retired employee or an employee still in the job will fulfill the purpose. 

3. As mentioned previously, the loan is divided into installments that will be repaid throughout 12 months.

4. The installments deducted from the beneficiary are paid to other beneficiaries.

5. The Foundation is responsible for submitting a ( monthly or every three months) report to the donor that includes all the details of the loan and its beneficiary.



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