Al-Qardh Al-Hassan (Charity) project affiliated to health clinics at Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development granted a citizen two million IQD for treatment.
Head of Health Care Department, Mr. Basim Al-Rubayee stated "This loan is part of the activities which the department is trying to do so as to supply the citizens with the medicines required."
"The last period witnessed presenting lots of loans to people and still the program is in progress." Al-Rubayee added.
This project is a charitable one which is aimed at assisting the people who are in need for funds to do their surgeries and other treatments.
The families appreciated the role that the Foundation and the department in particular offer in such charitable projects, which are in the interest of the families in general.

Within the support provided by Al-Ghaith Department for the unemployed youth, the department has supplied some young people in the holy Karbala governorate with a number of body-scouters (stutta). The beneficiaries will pay back in installments on monthly basis that is divided for a year according to the ability of the beneficiary of this project, where this project is intended - which is one of the monthly charitable projects - for people who are unemployed.
Head of the department, Mr. Hassanain Shubbar, stated that this project has started since 2014, as it was the first launch up to this moment, and its aim is to provide job opportunities for the brothers and people who are unemployed.