With the economic crisis that the country is going through and the increase in unemployment, Al-Ghaith department in the Al-Najafyia Foundation continues to support and care for the unemployed youth.
Lately, motorcycles (body-scouter) were provided for a number of young people in Najaf Province on installments with a monthly payment system for one year according to the ability of the beneficiary. This project is one of other charitable projects intended for the unemployed people.
Head of the department, Hussain Shubbar, stated that this project had been initiated in 2014 with the aim of providing job opportunities for the unemployed youth.
On the other hand, the youth who got these opportunities expressed their relief about the system of working and thanked the foundation for such help.

Al-Ghaith department in Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development continues to provide various and different projects for the youth in order to support them, take care of them and provide them with job opportunities. a number of body-scooters motorcycles were handed over to a number of unemployed youth in the province of Najaf on monthly installment. The total amount will be finished in one year.
Head of the department stated that this project has been started since 2014, as it was its first launch and is continuing for this moment, and its aim is to provide job opportunities for the unemployed people, who do not have work.
The procedures is carried out after reviewing the status and condition of the beneficiary, inquiring about him and ensuring the correctness of his information that he is jobless and poor.
It is worth noting that the department has actively contributed to supporting the youth segment and providing job opportunities through several projects it launched in the past period, which is still continuing to provide other projects.

One of the departments which keeps on presenting services to the youth is Al-Ghaith Department. It provided recently job opportunities to the jobless people by supplying them with body-scooters in Najaf and Diwanyia. The beneficiaries will pay back on installments.
Hasanain Shbbar, head of the department, stated "This project is one of the monthly projects for the jobless people. We have initiated the work since 2014."
As for the mechanism and procedures of the work, Shubbar added "We make a field survey to the beneficiary and make sure of his condition and the information he presents. Then, the scooter is granted."
There are other projects we supply for jobless people to gain their living.
Finally, the beneficiaries thanked the foundation and expressed their satisfaction and happiness for these opportunities.