Mr. Basem Al-Rubaie, Head of the Health Care Department at Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation, confirmed that the department's dental clinic continues to receive patients, as it has organized programs to receive these numbers.
The outcome of the number of patients to the clinic was announced in February 2021, when it received nearly (480) patients.
Al-Rubaie indicated that the medical staff received (3,283) patients during the year 2020, indicating that the total number of those who have been cared for and examined since its establishment in 2017 has reached (9936) patients, and the number is constantly increasing.
Al-Rubaie added that the Foundation opened this clinic to be a window to help the poor and needy segment of families, especially orphans, as it provides its services in return for nominal wages, and this clinic is run by cadres of qualified young male and female doctors.
Al-Rubaie also added that the Foundation had initiated this clinic to help poor and needy families, especially orphans, as it provides its services for a nominal fee. Also, the clinic is run by a cadre of qualified young doctors, both male, and female, and the work continues according to the health controls set by the Ministry of Health. Moreover, the Foundation is keen to develop its clinic on an ongoing basis, through the development of modern devices and equipment that contribute to the development of the service provided to the patients.