Al-Rubaee: Providing good health service for families which is affordable.
The dental clinic of Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation "Ibtisamaty Clinics" announced that the patients who got the treated by the clinic in the past month was 480.
Head of the clinic, Basim Al-Rubaee stated that the medical staffs presented the proper medical treatment for the patients in the last month as per international standards.
He added that the clinic's main goal is to present a medical service for all the families, especially the poor ones; a service at an affordable cost.

Al- Rubaiee: the number of our patients has exceeded more than 10000 patients since 2017.
The dental clinic of Al-Anwar Al-Najafiyia Foundation declared the total number of its patients during 2020 as the head of the clinic stated that the clinic has received more than 3300 patients during the last year.
Mr. Basim Al- Rubaiee, the head of the dental clinic stated that the medical staff received 3283 patients during 2020. He indicated that the total number of the received patients has exceeded 9936 since the clinic establishment in 2017 in addition to 381 patients in January of this year and the number is constantly increasing.
Al- Rubaiee added that the Foundation has initiated the clinic to help the poor and needy families, especially orphans, as it provides its services for a nominal fee. Also, the clinic is run by young well-qualified medical staff males and females. However, the work continues in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health that is taking to proper measures against coronavirus.
On the other hand, the Foundation is looking forward to developing its clinic by providing the latest versions of medical equipment which in turn contributes to providing the best service to the patient.

Al-Rubaiee: the program of providing loans for the good cause to the families of orphans and needy people to make surgeries continues throughout the year.
Al-Rubaiee: The Secretary-General affirms the adoption of everything that contributes to supporting and caring for the poor in Iraq and reducing their suffering.
Al-Najafyia, Al-Anwar Foundation for Culture & Development, Department of Health in cooperation with Aytamuna Charity distributes wheelchairs to the disabled orphans and needy people who are registered at the database of the Foundation.
Mr. Basim Al-Rubaiee, the head of the department states that the Foundation distributed nine wheelchairs to the disabled orphans and needy people by conducting field tours to the homes of these families. The beneficiaries were seven in Najaf and two in Diwaniyah.
Al-Rubaiee added that the department of health and medical care of the foundation continues its programs to help the families of Orphans and needy people. One of which is the program of loan for the good cause in which the loan is given to the orphan or the needy to perform surgeries as well as get medical and health treatments with comfortable installments.
He indicates that the Secretary-General of the Foundation, His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy supervises these programs by himself and emphasizes the adoption of everything that contributes to supporting and caring for the poor in Iraq and reducing their suffering.
He also states that the Department sponsored dozens of programs to help hundreds of beneficiaries during the past years and the work continues Insha’Allah.