The Secretary-General of the Anwar Najaf Foundation receives the Director-General of Najaf Health Department. 7/1/2021
Within the continuation of receiving government agencies, delegations of believers, educational and health authorities, the Secretary-General of the Anwar Najafia Foundation for Culture and Development, His Eminence Sheikh Ali Bashir Al-Najafy receives the General Director of Najaf Health Department of Al- Najaf governorate, Dr. Radwan Al-Kindi, during his visit to Dar Azahraa (A.S) Charitable Schools.
The visit included a field tour in the schools, where His Eminence, the Secretary-General of the Foundation, accompanied the Director-General of Health to let him know the taken health measures in the schools in light of the pandemic of the Coronavirus.
His Eminence assured the guest and his accompanying delegation of the procedures that the school administration is working on to protect students from the danger of the epidemic, indicating that the daily campaigns of fogging and continuous examination and confirmation of wearing the face masks as well as keeping distance the students.
Al-Kindi, in turn, valued the taken health measures inside the schools and emphasizing the importance of preserving the safety of the students and the educational stuff. He expressed his optimism about the procedures taken by the schools.
This visit comes in response to the invitation of Dar Azahraa (A.S) Charitable Schools for orphans, one of the main projects of Al-Anwar Al-Najafiyia Foundation for Culture & Development.



More than 1300 food baskets have been distributed by Dar Azahraa (A.S) Charitable Schools of Al-Anwar Al-Najfiyia Foundation to the families of orphan students. Mr. Safaa Al-Ayfari. The headmaster of the schools indicated that the management of the school and under the direct supervision of the Secretary-General of the Foundation His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy took the initiative to distribute food baskets to its cadres and the families of orphan students as well as needy families.
He added that the process of distribution was through the field tours in the residential areas of the families and baskets were delivered to them by private buses belonging to the schools of Dar Azahraa (A.S).
In return, the families expressed their thanks and gratitude for the services provided by the Foundation and Dar Azahraa (A.S) Charitable Schools as well as its cadres for their efforts to communicate the scientific and educational information in all modern ways for the purpose of facilitating the task for students along with the various assistance it provides.


Al-Efary: School administrations held meetings for the start of the new academic year and holding lectures amid COVID19.
Al-Efary: "Our students have achieved good success and high marks in this year's ministerial exams."
The staffs of Dar Azzahraa Charitable Schools began giving lessons and lectures (extracurricular lessons) three days a week for each stage of the study and according to the schedule set for them.
The principal of schools, Mr. Safaa Hamid Al- Efary,: “Our staffs have begun to give remedial lessons to our dear students at all levels of study, at a rate of three days a week for each stage divided between academic stages according to a schedule prepared by the school administration.”
The work was carried out according to the instructions health and social distancing such as wearing masks and sterilization at the main gate from the school entrance.
Al- Efary stated that the Foundation’s management held meetings headed by the Secretary-General, His Eminence Sheikh Ali Al-Najafy, to study the plans and procedures necessary to start the new academic year, hold remedial lessons, and review the results of the last academic year.
He added that the students for the academic year (2019-2020 AD) achieved good success rates in the state exams, and there was high success rates, and this is the result of the great follow-up and keenness of the school administration and its educational staff and the Al-Anwar Foundation's staff for the segment of orphans in it.