Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation continues its humanitarian campaigns in supporting and caring for the needy and poor families, especially the orphans'. This time the campaign included distributing red meat to the families which are registered in the foundation.
Hajj Qasim Muhyee, deputy of the secretary general, stated that red meat bags were distributed to over 60 families in the headquarter of the foundation.
This initiative was sponsored by some well-off people who desire to help the poor families, which in turn expressed their gratitude and thanks to the staffs who made this initiative successful.

Aytamuna Department has started distributing the monthly stipends of July to Orphans families.
Head of the department stated that they had started distributing the stipends to orphans' families with adherence to the health instructions.
Each family received its monthly stipends through its card which was previously prepared by the foundation.
He added that the number of the orphans who received the stipends reached 2959 for this month only in Najaf as per the records of the department.
The orphans appraised the efforts exerted by the foundation for helping them amid this difficult situation.


Head of Aytamuna Department in Karbala assured that the sponsorships of July reached 1748 and have been delivered to orphans.
The head added "We are distributing these sponsorships to orphans with carful commitment to the health instructions to prevent Covid infections."
More than that, food baskets have been distributed to orphans. The baskets were over 150 which were aimed at aiding the poor families of orphans.
The families, in turn, expressed their thanks and gratitude for what the foundation offered to them.