On the auspicious occasion of Eidul Ghadeer which is the biggest Eid for Allah, Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation congratulated the orphans and offered them food bags for over 1200 beneficiaries.
Hajj Qassim Muhyee stated that the foundation distributed food bags to orpahns' families in the headquarter and the suburbs and quarters as well.
He added that the number of the beneficiaries included were over 1200 orphans, where all of them are registered in the data base of the foundation.
The health instructions were not neglected in the campaign, but the distributing staff took every step necessary to adhere to the medical health instructions presenting COVID19 to spread.
Finally, the families expressed their happiness and thanked the foundation for this kind of help.


Head of Aytamuna Department in Karbala, Ali Hanoon, announced the start of eid clothing distribution campaign for this year. This initiative is done annualy to care for the orphans in Eidul Adha.
Hanoon added that the campaign was under the auspices of the central office of hiss eminence Sheikh Bashir Al-Najafy (may Allah prolong his life).
He continued "This campaign covered 1850 orphans who live in various places of the holy province of Karbala."
The families expressed their thanks and gratitude for the efforts exerted by the foundation to care for the needy people in such blessed days.

The staff working in Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development started distributing their food baskets to more than (1000) families of orphans in the province of Najaf. These blessed efforts were part of the health and preventive measures, after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in Iraq became worse.
Hajj Qasim Mohyee, deputy of the Scretary General, said "There are intensive efforts for the Foundation's to deliver these food aids and baskets to orphan families, as these food baskets were distributed to them today, and there are monthly food baskets provided to orphan families registered in the lists we have, due to the corona pandemic and health status."
The baskets included the most important food items to meet the needs of orphan families at the present time; they contained: (food rice, tomato paste, food oil, tea, lentils ... and other items necessary for the family).
In turn, the families appraised the Foundation’s role during the past period and its efforts in being in progress to aid those families.