Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation is in progress in distributing the due stipends of September to the registered orphans of the Seminary Hawza in Najaf and the other provinces.
Head of Aytamuna Department explained the procedure of distributing "The families receive their stipends directly through a card which the foundation provided them with."
"The distribution was carried out on daily basis and committed to the health instructions like wearing masks and gloves and getting sanitized before and after each step.
The spokesperson of the department added that the number of the benefited orphans were 3117 for Najaf and other provinces.
The families then expressed their deep thanks and gratitude for the smooth way of receiving the stipends and for the help basically.

As part of the humanitarian programs, Al-Najafyia branch of Karbala distributed meat bags to poor orphans' families on the occasion of burying the pure bodies of Imam Huusain's (PBUH) companions.
Mr. Yusud Hanoon, head of the branch, stated that over 400 meat bags were distributed to poor families of orphans on the 3th of Muharram.
Hanoon added that the distribution took place in the headquarter of the branch in Karbala in addition to distrusting in some districts and quarters.
The families, after then, expressed their thanks and gratitude for the foundation for the helping hand it presents.

Head of Aytamuna Department announced that the monthly stipends of orphans' families have been distributed in Najaf and other provinces for August.
He added that the distribution process was done smoothly, where the families got the stipends through the cards provided to them by the foundation.
The health instruction was clear in the process of distribution as the people and the staff wore masks and gloves to prevent the spread of COVID19.
He added that the number of the beneficiaries reached almost 3025 orphans for this month in Najaf and other provinces as per the records and data available in the department.
In turn, the families appraised the role of the foundation for the aid and assistance presented to them on such conditions.