Aytamuna Charity of Al-Anwar Al-Najafiyia Foundation for Culture & Development started off distributing monthly stipends to the families of orphans, and the orphans of the Scientific Hawza for the province of Najaf and other provinces.

Haj Qasim Muhi, the director of the Foundation, stated that the number of the sponsorships for this month reached (3606) orphans in all Iraqi governorates and the distribution is being done smoothly through a special card delivered to each family to be identified according to the database of Aytamuna Charity and then received their payments.
He added that the number of orphans reached 1940 for this month in Najaf Governorate noting that health measures and safety were taken into consideration throughout the distribution so as to protect the families from the danger of the Corona Virus.
On the other hand, the families of orphans express their gratitude and thanks for the service and care provided by the Foundation and its staff.