Al-Anwar Al-Najafia Foundation for Culture and Development, in cooperation with the Hussainiya Shrine / Najaf Branch / Family Guidance Center at the Hussainiya Shrine in Najaf, has held guiding lectures for widows and orphans’ families on ways of education, facing family problems, and overcoming difficulties in life.
The Deputy Secretary-General of the Foundation, Qassem Mohi, stated to the Foundation that Aytamuna Charity in cooperation with Family Guidance Center at the Hussainiya Shrine, Najaf Branch, took the initiative to hold lectures and lessons for widows from orphan families. These lessons include advice and guidance in the field of family education and how to deal with the child in various social conditions and guiding lectures in many fields and specializations, these lectures last for five days.
Psychological Counselor Ghufran Rahim at the Guidance Center explained that the center organized important lectures for all families, especially for orphan families, as it focuses on childhood problems.
Ghufran indicated that the staff provided psychological and educational consultations, answered the participants' inquiries, and developed solutions to psychological and educational problems and emotions. Tawhid Abdul-Hussein, a researcher and psychological consultant, stressed the importance of this initiative.
On the other hand, the families of orphans expressed their thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the staff of the foundation in carrying out these initiatives.