Mualaa: our mission for this year’s session is to prepare the students for the ministerial exams successfully.
The educational staff of the Al-Najafiyia institute continues on daily online classes through a specialized educational online platform. The head of the institute, Mr. Faris Mualaa, stated that the headmaster and educational staff of the institute continue to give online lessons in accordance with the instructions of the Ministries of Education and health and these lessons are given under the supervision of the management.
Mulaa added that the current health conditions in the world require cooperation from all concerned institutions, and the institute has taken it upon itself to complete the educational curriculum specified for its students enrolled in the institute.
He continued that the institute management is following up and supervise the online lessons to prepare the students for the ministerial final examinations. He also indicated that the return to the physical attendance education will take place according to the decisions of the National Safety Cell and the ministries of Education and Health.