After a hiatus of several months due to the Corona pandemic, Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Institute has resumed giving lecturs and remedial lessons for the final stages in the sixth grade of preparatory school and for both sexes.
Mr. Faris Maala, Director of Al-Anwar Educational Institute, confirmed that male and female students started registering for the new academic year, and remedial classes.
Maala added that they have committed to the health instructions such as wearing masks and gloves in addition to sanitizing the whole institute and the automatic sanitizers.
He continued "The lessons are given on daily basis and for two periods; morning and night for girls and boys respectively."
As far as the teaching staff is concerned, they left no stone unturned so as to deliver the information to the students in the easiest and best of the modern ways.

Al-Anwar Educational Institute affiliated to the Al-Anwar Al-Najafyia Foundation for Culture and Development broadcasted teachers’ lectures to students in the e-learning system through social media sites due to the current health situation in Iraq and for the purpose of preserving students’ safety and health.
Head of the institute, Mr. Faris Mualla, stated that the lectures were being broadcasted online both live and recorded through the e-learning system and social media sites such as Facebook and Telegram.
Mr. Mualla added that the purpose was to creat success out of this difficult year because of COVID19 pandemic and preserving the lives pf the students.

The Al-Anwar Educational Institute has begun registering the incoming students to the institute for the nineteenth batch of the academic year 2021 for students of the third intermediate and sixth preparatory, biological, applied and literary courses.
Mr. Faris, head of the institute, pointed out that they have finished with the eighteenth batch with difficulty because of COVID19, where many lectures were done online.
He added that they would spare no efforts to have this nineteenth batch successful after meeting the requirements of the students and teachers together.
Many activities were done at the beginning of this academic year, like distributing certificates for the distinguished.
It is worth mentioning that the health instructions were taken into account in the lectures, such as social distancing and wearing masks.